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Cambridge Award Ceremony. 2016-17

Our annual Cambridge Award Ceremony was held this week here at the school and Certificates were presented to students by Rebecca Hammond, the coordinator from the University of Cambridge. Our teachers and students have invested substantial effort and time in preparing for Cambridge English Exams. This effort should not be underestimated and we are so […]

Ancient Art Exhibition by 1°ESO. 2015-16

We have been working together learning about ancient Egypt and to reinforce the lessons the students have done some craft work representing the period.

4 ESO – Project depicting influential people in history. 2015-16

In groups the students choose a person from history that they felt had a big influenced on the way people thought at that time. They needed to look at how ‘freedom of speech’ allowed people to transform and change lives. Each group researched, built up a profile of their selected influential person and through the […]