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4 ESO – Project depicting influential people in history. 2015-16

In groups the students choose a person from history that they felt had a big influenced on the way people thought at that time. They needed to look at how ‘freedom of speech’ allowed people to transform and change lives. Each group researched, built up a profile of their selected influential person and through the […]

4º ESO – Voting for Class President. 2015-16

With our 4º ESO class we covered a sequence of lessons looking into different aspects within politics. Each student, took this new found knowledge to the next level by adapting what they had learnt to write their own political speeches, concentrating on one of the policies within government e.g. Defense, Education and Economy etc. Once […]

Nottingham University. 2015-16

The school enjoyed a visit today from Mrs. Rachel Buckley the International Officer for Europe within Nottingham University, who gave a presentation to our secondary students about studying in the U.K. Our students have a lot of future academic decisions to make, it can be confusing and overwhelming at times. We want to assist and […]