Ballet and Musical Theatre Class. 2015-16

We’ d like to thank to Jo, our Ballet and Musical Theatre teacher. Her pupils have had a very productive year and they are very happy with what they have achieved.

In Ballet class, they have learned some basic French words for ballet movements. They have done lots of stretching and coordination exercises. They have learned to dance with props and with a partner as well as to recognize when movements look correct or not. They have even learned to move freely to music with their own improvisation. Now they just need to remember to be aware of their body (all of it) at all times.

In Musical Theatre class, their confidence has improved and they can all speak, dance and mime alone without feeling shy or uncomfortable. They have learned co-ordination and learned to adapt their class/performance to the space. They have performed for their parents and class, as well as their grandparents. Now they need to remember that if they wish to be watched they need to respect and watch others. We’d like to thank to her wonderful helpers who have made things much more fun and efficient.

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