Secondary English Department

XXX Cultural Week. The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. 2018-19

Our 2 ESO Class here in Colegio Alboran, got an opportunity to take part in our Cultural Week by getting creative and learn that they can have fun while learning English. They were encouraged to express themselves through theatre in which they performed in not one, but two fairy tails; The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Well done to everyone involved! Leer más

Interactive cultural seminars. 2018-19

Colegio Alboran’s Secondary English Department in association with Burlington Books held three fun and interactive cultural seminars to our secondary students.

Topics covered included flags, language, landmarks, food & drink, sport, music and famous people. Finally, some of our lucky students got a chance to participate in a quiz, in the style of the TV game show ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Everyone enjoyed this very unique and enjoyable way of
learning about different English cultures. Leer más

Christmas plays. Drama class. 2018-19

ESO drama class alongside Miss Mónica and Miss Maricarmen, performed two Christmas plays for all of primary today. The first transported the students back to the time that Christ was born and we saw the arrival of the three kings in celebration. The second and very numerous play explored a delema which faced poor Santa on Christmas Eve, which was ‘What do we do when the elves have the flu?

Well done to everyone involved! Leer más

‘Goosebumps 2’. 2018-19

As part of the English extra curricular activities 2nd.,3rd. and 4th of ESO enjoyed a trip to the cinema to watch the newly released ‘Goosebumps 2’ movie. There’s just nothing quiet like watching a spooky Halloween movie with popcorn and friends, to help you enjoy the levity of this fun and spooky holiday. Leer más

Cambridge Award Ceremony. 2018-19

Our annual Cambridge Award Ceremony was held yesterday afternoon here at the school and Certificates were presented to students by Álex del Nogal (Business Development Support Manager) and Rebecca Hammond (Exam Coordination and Team leader Exams Andalucía). Our teachers and students have invested substantial effort and time in preparing for Cambridge English Exams. This effort should not be underestimated and we are so very proud of you all! It was an exciting and memorable event for students, teachers and parents alike. Leer más

1 ESO Bilingual Proyects. 2018-19

Our BiologyGeography and English teachers have come together with their 1º ESO class to offer the students a bilingual, informed and in-depth knowledge of the Solar System. The students endeavored to display their newly acquired knowledge by completing an English Project which, they did wonderfully, through the use of hand made model Solar Systems, iMovies, Keynotes, Kahoots and even creating a class game for everyone to participate in. All very individual methods to display and present what they had learnt. It’s great to see the benefits when teachers can collaborate together with their students in a bilingual environment.

Well done to everyone! Leer más

Drama 2º ESO. 2017-18

Cinderella found her Prince Charming and the beautiful Belle tamed the Beast, at Colegio Alborán yesterday. Both plays were performed by 2° ESO to our primary students, who enjoyed the adventure as they journeyed into these wonderful ‘Happy Ever After’ traditional fairytale stories!
Well done to everyone involved. Leer más

American Culture Class. 2017-18

Colegio Alboran’s Secondary English Department in association with Burlington Books held two seminars yesterday, given by the lovely Miss Tammy Vera, who introduced the students to their first American Culture Class.

The class offered a fun and interactive way for students to learn about various aspects of American culture, such as landmarks, food & drink, sport, music and famous people. Finally, some of our lucky students got a chance to participate in a quiz, in the style of the TV game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Everyone enjoyed this very unique and enjoyable way of learning about a different culture. Leer más

Día Mundial de la Poesía. World Poetry Day. 2017-18

El 21 de marzo, Día Mundial de la Poesía (World Poetry Day), también denominado Primavera de los poetas, fue proclamado por la UNESCO en el equinoccio de primavera con el fin de “reflexionar sobre el poder del lenguaje poético y el florecimiento de las capacidades creadoras de cada persona “.

Desde los departamentos de Lengua y Literatura y de Inglés, en el Colegio Alborán celebramos este importante Día y durante toda la semana llevamos a cabo actos y celebraciones poéticas, a la vez que desarrollamos proyectos que constan de preciosos, fotografías, dibujos y textos que se exhiben en el colegio y se exponen en clase.

El día anterior participamos en un recital poético dedicado a Rubén Darío, dentro del Proyecto Lector “Hablar Curso Rimado”, coordinado por Antonio A. Gómez Yebra, y organizado por el Ayuntamiento de Marbella.

En Educación Secundaria hemos realizado recitales poéticos y lecturas múltiples, en los que el alumnado de 1º, 2º y 3º de ESO ha visitado las aulas del último ciclo de Educación Primaria y de todos los cursos de ESO para declamar ante sus compañeros poemas de creación propia, muy variados en forma y temática, que tratan de fomentan el gusto por los textos poéticos.

Todas estas actividades sirven para despertar la sensibilidad poética y educar la creatividad literaria en Lengua española e inglesa.

Desde el Colegio Alborán os invitamos a reflexionar sobre la capacidad y el poder del lenguaje poético para transmitir emociones y sugerir sentimientos, porque como afirma Irina Bokova, Directora General de la Unesco, “La poesía es una ventana a la diversidad excepcional de la humanidad”. Leer más

2 ESO Christmas Performances. 2017-18

2o ESO drama class today performed two festive and humorous plays to a captivated audience which included our Nursery and Primary students.
The first play was ‘NoSanta’ where we saw poor Father Christmas getting ill on Christmas Eve and can’t deliver his presents. We watched in suspense as Mrs. Claus tried to solve this dilema with the help of their trustworthy elves.

In the second play which depicted the well known and loved story of ‘A Christmas Carol’; we experienced a more modern version where Scrooge was transformed into a modern Eden. She does not believe in Christmas and spends maybe too much time working and we watched her journey to the realization that she should not be working so hard and instead should spend more time with family and friends.

Both performances as different as they were, delivered their Christmas message of helping others and enjoying the holidays with friends and family.
Well done to the drama teachers Maricarmen Cortes and Monica Barce and to all of our amazing 2 ESO class. Merry Christmas! Leer más