2 ESO Christmas Performances. 2017-18

2o ESO drama class today performed two festive and humorous plays to a captivated audience which included our Nursery and Primary students.
The first play was ‘NoSanta’ where we saw poor Father Christmas getting ill on Christmas Eve and can’t deliver his presents. We watched in suspense as Mrs. Claus tried to solve this dilema with the help of their trustworthy elves.

In the second play which depicted the well known and loved story of ‘A Christmas Carol’; we experienced a more modern version where Scrooge was transformed into a modern Eden. She does not believe in Christmas and spends maybe too much time working and we watched her journey to the realization that she should not be working so hard and instead should spend more time with family and friends.

Both performances as different as they were, delivered their Christmas message of helping others and enjoying the holidays with friends and family.
Well done to the drama teachers Maricarmen Cortes and Monica Barce and to all of our amazing 2 ESO class. Merry Christmas!